Excited  about the thoughts of being  dominated, please and worship your black Goddess?

Session durations for the first time is only for 1 hr and half... which allows for a relaxed pace of the session.

Subsequently preventing you  and me from being rushed  but enjoying ourselves to build that sub/dom connection.

Before each session I will take time to sit down and chat in order to get a glimpse of your interests and limits  on our first session, or catch up on returning servitude.

Hygiene is a vital in all sessions.  All equipment is sanitised with medical grade products.

Discretion  is my priority, I do value yours too. Prepare the correct amount of tribute and present it on arrival in an envelope. I will not tolerate topping from bottom. Once you in are in my presence it is my rules and  I am in charge.

A deposit is non refundable  it can only be transferable if you re-schedule  your appointment.

A booking deposit for a dungeon must be paid, which is different from other sessions.

Mistress appreciates your submission and wishes to nurture its growth in our dom/sub relationship.

MIstress sessions in various locations in Kensington and SW Lonbdon, and you will advised of the location after payment of a deposit. All sessions must be booked and confirmed by Mistress at least 24 hours in advance.